Deborah Riley-Magnus - About

What can be said about any storyteller? Since the beginning of language, before written records, storytellers have told of the past, the present, the future, and everything in between. From the mystical to the spiritual, traversing the universe of mind and imagination, and washing over the world of dreams and reality. From the Bible to J. K. Rowling, good storytelling has been a major part of our lives. Exploring the depths and expanse of our world leads to fantasy that crosses into reality and makes a reader ask, “Is it possible?”

Deborah Riley-Magnus writes fantasy from the heavens to the darkness of supernatural existence. Some stories are contemporary urban fantasy with a smile, some books shift and slip through time and place, but all of her stories explore the expanse of good and evil. Welcome to Deborah Riley-Magnus Fantasy—memorable characters in unforgettable books with a unique kick you can’t forget.




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